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What is WARPED?

WARPED is the on-chain utility token for Warped Universe, fuelling the expansion of our cosmic ecosystem.

How does WARPED contribute to the Warped Universe ecosystem?

  • In-Game Purchases: Use WARPED to snag unique digital assets, slick skins, and nifty upgrades at a discount.
  • Fuelling On-Chain Collectible Conversions: Use WARPED to unlock the portal to on-chain ownership.
  • Influencing the Future: By holding WARPED, you’ll gain a voice, guiding our journey through voting on design and development decisions.
  • Stellar Rewards: Your loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed. Earn exclusive rewards and bonuses for being an active participant in our space odyssey.
  • Exclusivity: Holding WARPED may provide access to exclusive in-game items and collectibles.

How can I acquire WARPED?

WARPED can be acquired through the following methods:
Initial Token Sale - Presale
WARPED may be offered through initial token sales or public token sales.
Market Purchase
WARPED is available for purchase through decentralized Uniswap. With time, we will also look to offer access to the token via Centralized Exchanges.
Gameplay Rewards
Players may earn WARPED as rewards by participating in Warped Universe games, completing quests, achieving high scores, and reaching specific milestones.
If you're new to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we recommend exploring the following resources for a safe and secure initiation. While we strongly encourage doing your own due diligence, these articles provide a good starting point. They cover fundamental concepts and practices, helping you understand the basics and navigate confidently.

What are the tokenomics of WARPED?

WARPED has a total supply of 10,000,000,000.
A trade tax of 4% is currently in place, facilitating additional funding generation during this development stage. Tax percentage is adjustable depending on the project related NFT(s) in the user's wallet.
Plans have been established to reduce this tax to zero once sufficient alternative funding mechanisms have been established.

What is Nexite and how does it function within Warped Universe?

Nexite is the off-chain currency that will fuel the in-game economy within Warped Universe, allowing players to begin their exploration straight from mainstream gaming applications. With each Nexite pegged to $0.01, it’s the key to efficient trading, bartering and purchasing in our virtual galaxy no matter where you come from. Warp into commerce like never before!
Nexite is not tradeable; it will only be available for purchase via the Warped Marketplace using cryptocurrency or through familiar gaming outlets using traditional fiat currency.

What are the adjustable tax rates for STARL non-fungible token (NFT) holders?

STARL NFT holders get access to reduced tax rates, the 4 NFTs that currently reduce trade tax are:
  • LM - Living Modules
  • PAL - Physics Altering Lifeforms
  • SATE - Satellites
  • PN - Pixelnauts
These NFTs reduce trade tax to the following percentages:
  • 1% for SATE owners.
  • 1% for users who own a combination of LM, PAL, and PN.
  • 2% for users who own a combination of either LM & PAL or LM & PN.
  • 3% for users who own one of either PAL, PN, or LM.
  • 4% for users who do not own any of the NFTs listed above.

Warped Universe

What is Warped Universe?

Warped Universe is where the boundaries of gaming genres dissolve. An MMO realm filled with RPG essence, where players are empowered to select their preferred gaming style, all while experiencing the advantages of Web3 integration. Emphasizing player customization, ownership, and voice, while hosting a dynamic and responsive in-game economy.

What are the key features of Warped Universe?

  • Interconnected Gameplay Across Multiple Genres
  • Empowering Players - From the way you play to the way you extract value from your gaming experiences
  • Optional NFT-based Digital Collectibles - Choose your level of on-chain interaction
  • Community-Guided Development and Collaborative Storytelling

On which platforms will Warped Universe be available?

Warped Universe will launch on PC, ensuring a high-quality desktop gaming experience. Further on our development roadmap, we’re planning mobile compatibility, complete with VR support for gaming on-the-go. Additionally, we aim to extend Warped Universe’s accessibility by integrating with well-known and mainstream gaming platforms, enhancing overall user experience and reach.
Please note that specific platform availability and compatibility may vary, and it is recommended to visit the official Warped Universe website or community channels for the most up-to-date information on supported platforms.

What is the role of blockchain in Warped Universe?

Blockchain will be used to empower players in the Warped Universe, creating new opportunities for player ownership and value extraction through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It will elevate player influence on game development and design decisions, all within a framework of transparent and trustless transactions. Please note, all blockchain features in the Warped Universe are designed to be non-invasive and optional. The use of advanced blockchain features is not mandatory, and players can customize their level of blockchain interaction as per their preference at any time.

Can I play in Warped Universe without knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain?

Yes absolutely, entry into Warped Universe will not necessitate the use of blockchain technology. All blockchain features are entirely optional and can be utilized at each player's discretion.

How can players participate in the design process at Warped Games?

By acquiring and holding WARPED, you have the power to influence the future of Warped Universe. Influence key decisions by voting on design proposals and help steer our course.

Warped Games

Who is behind the development of Warped Universe?

Warped Universe is being developed by a talented team of professionals with expertise in blockchain technology, game development, design, and community management. The team consists of experienced individuals who are passionate about gaming, blockchain, and the potential of merging these technologies.

What is the team's experience?

The Warped Games team brings a wealth of experience from notable projects and collaborations, including:
  • STARL Metaverse Game and NFT Marketplace: The team was behind the development of STARL Metaverse, a metaverse game and NFT marketplace that explores the possibilities of blockchain technology and NFTs for gaming and virtual environments.
  • Lego Universe: Our team was behind the development of Lego Universe, an immersive MMO game that allows players to build and explore in a virtual Lego world.
  • Star Citizen: Our team has worked on Star Citizen, a highly anticipated space simulation video game, collaborating on various aspects of the game's development.
  • Disney, Pixar, LucasArts, Rockstar and More: The team has experience working with renowned companies such as Disney, Pixar, LucasArts, Rockstar, and others, bringing their expertise in game development, design, and creative storytelling.
We trust this FAQ has illuminated the intriguing facets of everything Warped. For the latest updates and insights, we invite you to explore our official website, delve into our various documents, and connect with our vibrant community.