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Overview of token distribution, allocation, and trade tax mechanism.


WARPED is the on-chain utility token of the Warped Universe. To better understand WARPED's role in the Warped ecosystem, we will break down the tokenomics, our plans with the WARPED tokens we hold, and the vesting schedules of any locked tokens.

Token Distribution

Private Sale

Our private sale was split into two phases: The first phase consisted of individuals who share the team’s vision for Warped and have been supporting the team for the past two years. Recognising the trust these early buyers placed in us by purchasing their utility tokens well before our plans fully realised, they were offered WARPED at a discounted rate of $0.00019 per token with a maximum purchase of 40,000,000 tokens. A six-week vesting schedule was then agreed upon once the sale concluded.
The second phase targeted individuals with influence within the Web3 space, enabling us to forge a long-term collaborative effort to expand our brand across various communities. This phase set the WARPED price at $0.00023, with a vesting schedule aligned with the presale period, and a maximum purchase of 40,000,000 tokens.
Both phases were instrumental in securing the capital required for Warped Games to cover essential initial expenses. These funds ensured the continuity of critical operations such as team compensation, legal compliance, hosting services, development of the presale platform, and other operation necessities.


The presale is split into multiple phases, with prices starting from $0.00037 and a maximum of 500,000,000 tokens allocated to each phase. Tokens purchased during the presale vest over a period of 12 weeks, with 40% becoming available to claim at launch. An additional 30% will be released for claiming 6 weeks post-launch, and the final 30% will be released 12 weeks post-launch.
In recognition of those anticipating the Warped Universe experience, we've designated phases 1 & 2 exclusively for whitelisted wallets. These primarily consist of long-standing STARL holders, ensuring they have priority access to their utility tokens.
Proceeds from our presale will serve a dual purpose. Approximately 40% will be allocated to ensure ample liquidity when paired with WARPED, fostering a stable price that enables gamers to acquire these tokens on the open market. The remaining 60% will be channelled into comprehensive development and expansion – from onboarding new team members to researching and adopting innovative development tools.
Due to the prevailing regulatory landscape, we must exclude participants from the US and other high-risk jurisdictions. Warped Games remains committed to ensuring full compliance with all pertinent regulations and prioritises safeguarding our community’s interests.


Team allocations will be used to provide long-term commitment and incentives to current & future team members. These tokens will undergo a 12-month vesting period starting with a 3-month cliff. After the cliff period, the remaining tokens will be released linearly over the following 9 months.


After the presale concludes, these tokens will be paired with $500,000 of ETH in a Uniswap v2 liquidity pool, providing gamers with access to WARPED on the open market. The initial price of WARPED at launch will be ~$0.00063.
Please note that the above figures are contingent upon the success of the presale and are, therefore, subject to change. Should the presale not sell out completely, the amount added to the liquidity pool will be adjusted to ensure a launch price of $0.00063.


Our treasury holds a significant portion of the total supply to cater to a diverse range of future needs. Here’s how it’s broken down:
  • OTC: 10% of the supply is reserved with the potential of offering Over-The-Counter (OTC) WARPED sales.
  • Cross-chain Integration: 10% of the supply is set aside in anticipation of integrating with alternative blockchain(s), allowing us to provide high speed & low fees, while further decentralising WARPED.
  • Marketing: 6% of the supply is held to seize opportunities that enhance awareness of Warped Universe and other offerings.
  • Game Rewards: 2.5% of the supply is set aside for in-game rewards.
  • NFT Claim: 3.5% of the supply is reserved for providing Legacy NFT holders with WARPED utility tokens.
  • Listings: 5% of the supply is set aside in anticipation of future listings on various platforms and exchanges in order to further decentralise access to WARPED.
While these allocations have been determined in advance, the unpredictable nature of our ecosystem's growth and challenges means exact future needs may vary. Consequently, the outlined allocations might undergo revisions based on emerging data, opportunities, or unforeseen requirements.

Trade Tax

The WARPED token contract has a built-in tax mechanism, enabling the project to source additional funds from trade activity. When a user buys or sells WARPED through a decentralised exchange such as Uniswap, 4% of the transaction is automatically directed to the Warped Treasury through the smart contract. This provides Warped Games with an ongoing revenue stream, empowering us to pursue our vision in building Warped Universe, among addressing other operational necessities. Notably, this trade tax is adjustable. The exact tax rate varies depending on whether a STARL NFT is associated with the transacting wallet. Specific rates, determined by the type or combination of project-related NFTs held, are outlined below:
  • Satellite (SATE): 1% tax rate is applied
  • Combination of Living Module, PAL, and Pixelnaut: 1% tax rate is applied.
  • Combination of either Living Module & Pixelnaut or Living Module & PAL: 2% tax rate is applied.
  • Holding either a Living Module, Pixelnaut or PAL: 3% tax rate is applied.
All tax-adjusting NFTs currently relate to STARL, with plans to transition tax adjustments to Warped NFTs over time. This approach is our way of acknowledging the invaluable support of the STARL community and offering additional utility to its NFT holders. It’s important to note that Warped Games neither encourages the trading of STARL NFTs for specific advantages nor the trading of WARPED to benefit from the trade-tax mechanism.