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Presale Details

Your Guide To The Warped Presale

Key Information



There will be a maximum of six phases, each selling 500,000,000 tokens, which corresponds to 5% of Total Supply.


Phases One & Two will be reserved for whitelisted wallets only, primarily consisting of current and past STARL token holders.
Please note that being whitelisted does not guarantee an allocation, as WARPED will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout all phases.

Public Phases

From phase three onwards, the presale will be open to the public.

Price Increases

Prices will increase marginally with each subsequent phase, acknowledging early participants while maintaining accessibility for later participants.

Purchase Limits

Minimum purchase: 100,000
Maximum purchase: 20,000,000


The cap for the value raised from the presale is set at $1,185,000.

Payment Options

There are 4 accepted ways to purchase your WARPED:
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • USDC (USD Coin)
  • USDT (Tether)
  • FIAT currency (via Wert.io)
We are partnering with Wert.io to allow users to purchase WARPED using fiat currency. Please note, a cryptocurrency wallet will be required to claim your tokens, regardless of your payment method.


To reward presale participants, a 5% bonus can be awarded from one of three ways:
  • Referral: Upon securing 20,000,000 tokens, you will receive a personalised referral link. Use this link to invite others to participate in the presale, and both you and your referee will receive a 5% bonus.
  • Bulk Buy: Purchase 20,000,000 in a single transaction and receive a 5% bonus.
  • Quick Buy: The first 50 buyers in phase three will receive a 5% bonus.

Post-Presale Details

Vesting Schedule

At Launch: 40% of the tokens purchased during the presale will be claimable immediately upon launch.
6 Weeks Post-Launch: An additional 30% will be available for claiming 6 weeks after token launch.
12 Weeks Post-Launch: The remaining 30% will be available for claiming 12 weeks after token launch.


WARPED will launch on Uniswap shortly after the conclusion of presale.

Launch Price

WARPED will launch at a price of $0.00063.