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Presale FAQ

Warped Games’ Utility Token Presale FAQ

Whitelist Eligibility

Am I eligible if I sold my $STARL tokens or NFT(s)?

Yes, if you have ever held a $STARL token or NFTs at any point, you are eligible to sign up for the whitelist here.

Am I eligible if I bought or hold my tokens on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)?

Yes, but you must withdraw some of your $STARL tokens to a private wallet owned by you, e.g. Metamask, before applying to the whitelist here.

Am I eligible if I recently bought $STARL tokens or NFTs without knowledge of the current changes?

Yes, to ensure fairness, all current holders of $STARL tokens or NFTs are eligible, no matter when they made their purchase. You can sign up to whitelist here.

If I’m not eligible to join the whitelist, can I still join the presale?

Yes, once the phases allocated to the whitelist are complete, we will open the presale to the public. We advise keeping informed through Warped socials on when the public presale begins.

Presale Details

If I’m on the whitelist, am I guaranteed to get a place in the presale?

No, just because you’re on the whitelist this does not mean you are allocated a spot on the presale. All phases of the presale will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to participate, it is key to remain up-to-date on announcements.

What is a multi-phased presale?

To reward the early supporters of the Warped Universe with exclusivity, the presale will be structured in multiple phases. Once the 5% of tokens allocated for a phase are sold out, the price-per-token will increase slightly for the subsequent phase. This ensures that whitelist investors secure the best price during the presale.

What are the prices for each phase of presale?

Only the price of the first and second phase will be released at launch. Once a phase is completed and the next phase commences, the price of the following phase will be released.

How many tokens are in each phase?

5% of supply or 500,000,000 tokens.

What is the maximum amount of tokens I can purchase in presale?

The maximum number of tokens each wallet can purchase is 20 million tokens - 20,000,000.

What is the minimum amount of tokens I can purchase in presale?

The minimum number of tokens to enter presale is 100,000.

When will we get our tokens and will we need to do anything to receive them?

Unvested tokens will be claimable once the token has launched and trading is live. This is to ensure a safe launch. You will need to connect your wallet to our presale site in order to claim once available.

Will there be token vesting for presale?

Yes, there will be token vesting. For presale investors, 40% of tokens will be released upon launch, 30% released after 6 weeks, and 30% after 12 weeks. This is to ensure a stable and successful token launch.

How do I claim my tokens?

A claiming tool will be provided, developed by Cleev.io.

Will the team tokens be vested?

Yes, the team’s tokens will be vested over a 1 year period with a 3 month cliff.

Token Launch

When is the token launch?

The token will be launched shortly after the presale concludes.

What will the token price be on launch?